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8-peak hike: from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg (2,171m)

A long hike from Kreischberg to the Frauenalpe, offering superb views on alpine meadows and paths, making a wonderful tour for endurance hikers.
This hike is only recommended for experienced hikers, as it requires plenty of stamina and good planning. However, your efforts are duly rewarded with eight consecutive peaks and a glorious panoramic view. Walking from Kreischberg to the Frauenalpe, you can enjoy the peace of the mountains and idyllic vistas along the entire route. You will meet very few people, if any. Please pack enough food and, above all, ample water for this long tour, as there is nowhere to stop for refreshments on the way. You can start this tour by cable car, completing the first section by gondola lift, or from the Rieglerhütte (you can drive up the access road on opening days) and start your hike at the tree line. After reaching the first peak on the Kreischberg, the route leads gently up and down along the ridge to the Frauenalpe. We advise arranging pick-up from the Murauerhütte, or parking your car there in advance.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
21,3 km
8:30 h
1210 hm
1210 hm
2171 m
Highest point
1584 m
Lowest point

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Starting point at the Rieglerhütte/mountain station for the Kreischberg 6-seater gondola lift (1,760m), Hiking Trail 3 runs partly along the ski slope to the Kreischberg summit under the Schirmbar (1,981m) and on to the Rosenkranzhöhe (2,118m) peak. From there, the route passes into a small dip. The climb up to the Kirbisch (2,140m) peak begins here. Then it's on to the Kirbischhals, followed by the Seeriegel (2,120m). This is the only point with views of the Hauserersee lake. Continue over the Seeriegel to the Goldachnock (at 2,171m), the highest peak on the hike. From here, we continue walking to the Schattloch and the Prankerhöhe (2,166), the most striking peak on the tour. The route continues to the Teringerloch, then to the Schwarmbrunnhöhe (2,120m), the Seebodenhöhe and the Ursch. The ascent to the Ackerlhöhe (2,040m) begins here, then it's on to the Turnhoferhütte and the Troghütte (1,816m). From the Troghütte, the route continues to the Murmelfelsen with cross (1,880m). Please look out for the signpost "Frauenalpe no. 2". A post marker points the way to the Frauenalpe. The descent runs from the summit via the Bernhard-Fest-Hütte, passing the Käsereihütte and finally the Murauerhütte. To get back to the valley, follow Trail 132/109 to Murau (duration: approx. 1 3/4 hours.). You can also get to Murau from the Frauenalpe by taxi.
  • Access via the Grabenstraße is possible during Rieglerhütte opening times.
  • Park at the Rieglerhütte on opening days. Otherwise, you can park at the train station in St. Lorenzen, or arrange for an acquaintance or a taxi to take you to the Rieglerhütte.

The starting point of St. Lorenzen am Kreischberg is easy to reach by train and bus. More information available at The Rieglerhütte cannot be accessed by public transport.

Bei der Rieglerhütte an den Öffnungstagen. Ansonsten im Ort St. Lorenzen am Bahnhof, oder lassen Sie sich von Bekannten oder einem Taxi auf den Berg bringen.


What the weather will be like

St. Georgen am Kreischberg (851m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Thick clouds through the day. More rain in the beginning, then mostly light rain.
5 km/h
5 km/h
0 km/h
Overcast throughout the day and frequent, but light rain.
6°C 15°C
6°C 16°C
5°C 16°C

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