Thermal spring Bad Waltersdorf | © Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf | Harald Eisenberger Thermal spring Bad Waltersdorf | © Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf | Harald Eisenberger
Warmth and well-being

Styrian Spa Country

In thermal springs country of Styria, the healing springs of six thermal springs towns bubble up out of the earth with full force. The soft healing water offers warmth and well-being in any season. In addition, regional treasures such as apples, pumpkins or wine invite you to discover a wide range of possibilities.

Six thermal springs and their elixirs of life, the healing thermal water, are the focus of thermal springs country in Styria. It is not possible anywhere else to enjoy such valuable and genuine thermal springs water as here. Due to the different mineralisation composition of the thermal water, the six thermal springs differ from each other and each spring is a specialist in a different well-being area. Real thermal spring water also is a source of energy, because stress doesn't stand a chance when taking a dip in Styrian thermal spring water. This was impressively proven by a study two years ago!

In addition to the warm healing springs, the regional treasures are increasingly gaining attention. Wine, apples, elderberry and pumpkins pamper your taste buds in restaurants, star-rated restaurants and wine taverns. Packed in soothing massages and cosmetic treatments, they also caress the body. Experience the beneficial combination of mild exercise, enjoyment and well-being. This is best done in the thermal springs country of Styria on a moderate cycling tour on one of the 14 enjoyment cycling tours, on the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, on Eurovelo 9 or during a hike around the stages of the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine, such as on the Wine Route of the Senses near St. Anna am Aigen.

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"Real healthy" thermal spring water and wine are just two of the many reasons to choose an enjoyment holiday in thermal springs country in Styria. They are also companions on the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine, which leads to all 6 thermal springs of the region. The thermal springs country of Styria gets its holidaymakers moving well into autumn. Hikers and Nordic walkers have countless thematic routes to choose from around the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine, of course also on the topic of wine and with great places to stop and fortify yourself.

Cyclists have around 3,000 enjoyable kilometres and 14 adventure cycling tours in front of their handlebars around the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour in the thermal springs country of Styria. In addition to sporty options, enjoyment is also guaranteed: countless wine taverns and vineyards, inns and producers invite you to stop, linger and taste.

In the thermal springs country of Styria, you will find time for yourself and Cultural Enjoyment Outdoors: hilly landscapes invite you to cycle and hike, and castles and palaces make you want to travel into the past. The Castle Road [Schlösserstraße] in thermal springs country in Styria enchants with unusual buildings and the region spoils the palate with pumpkin seed oil and wine. Well-being here above all means enjoying. In Bad Radkersburg, visitors can experience 700 years of city history up close and personal. Feldbach also invites you to discover its city.

Municipalities in the Styrian Spa Country

Here you will find an overview of all the municipalites in the Styrian Spa Country.

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