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Southern Styria

Experience the distinctive and romantic landscape of southern and western Styria and cycle, hike and stroll through the vineyards through Schilcherland to southern Styria and try a 'Brettljause' snack with a good glass of wine.

Southern and western Styria - the enjoyment landscape of Styria! Think of a heaping portion of vineyard landscape and a shot of Styrian pumpkin seed oil, refine this with an eighth of excellent wine, and voilà! This is what the three "enjoyment corners" of southern Styria and the Schilcherland, the regions of southern and western Styria, offer you. Wildly romantic southern Styria with the constant "up and down" of the vineyards, the poplars on their "plots" and the ubiquitous vineyard slopes is the epitome of ideal wine landscape for the connoisseur and likely one of the most impressive regions in Styria.

Schilcher & pumpkin seed oil: enjoyment in rosé and green. Schilcherland is an enjoyable landscape, with Schilcher wine and Styrian pumpkin seed oil as culinary business cards. It is considered one of the oldest wine-growing areas.

If it is alpine meadows that welcome you into southern and western Styria at the start of the section of the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine, then we soon dive into the heart of Styrian wine country. Schilcher is our companion at the start before we make our way to the South Styrian Wine Road where Sauvignon Blanc and Welschriesling dominate. Another special feature of the tour is the section that runs along the Austrian-Slovenian border, which not only leads through vineyards in parts, but also offers some stories from the past.

It is probably self-explanatory that the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour leads through southern Styria and the Schilcherland. In addition to numerous culinary excursion destinations and places to stop to which the route leads, two additional versions of The Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour are recommended, which can be used to put together excellent cycling tours.

With its wildly romantic surroundings and its impressive building culture, southern Styria illustrates how stylishly it can harmonise tradition and post-modern with each other. Castle Stainz presents Cultural Enjoyment Outdoors with picnic days in Schilcherland. Many smaller museums, theatre initiatives and concerts enrich the cultural offer here and strike a balance between tradition and modern art.

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Here you can find an overview of all municipalities in Southern Styria.

All municipalities of southern Styria

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The castle of Deutschlandsberg with vineyard, Schilcherland | © Steiermark Tourismus | Herbert Raffalt
Buschenschank-snack during the Styrian Wine Country Cycling tour: Adam am Schererkogl, Gamlitz | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
at the wine-growing estate Harkamp, St. Nikolai im Sausal | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm