Auf der Schneealm am Ameisbühel | © TV Hochsteiermark Auf der Schneealm am Ameisbühel | © TV Hochsteiermark

Rund um den Naturpark Mürzer Oberland

The highly Styrian BergZeitReise in miniature - an enjoyable, not too difficult and panoramic three-day hike high above the beautiful Mürzer Oberland Nature Park.
We hike, starting in Mürzzuschlag, over the highest peaks (Tonion, Schneealm, Rax, Hohe Scheibe, Hohe Veitsch) of the Nature Park Mürzer Oberland. In addition, we enjoy the wide alpine pastures of Rax, Schneealm and Hinteralm as well as numerous other alpine pastures, which are often managed in summer.

The daily stages are a bit demanding in terms of physical condition, but technically mostly not difficult and, in good weather, also easy in terms of orientation and wayfinding.

Only in bad weather can the plateaus of the Rax and Schneealm as well as the Veitsch become somewhat unpleasant.In the trail section between Schneealm and Rax (Gamseck area) surefootedness necessary!



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Level of difficulty
104,3 km
35:00 h
6000 hm
6000 hm
2007 m
Highest point
635 m
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We start in Mürzzuschlag (ÖBB train station, bus station, exhibition worlds worth seeing in the city center). There, the first thing to do is to reach the city's sports center.Just behind the sports field begins our first ascent, first to the Kaarl (currently unmanaged in summer, from Mürzzuschlag about 2 hours climb, the neighboring wooded peak of the Kreuzschober can be taken quite easily, but is unfortunately already somewhat overgrown) and further over the Malleisten Alm, managed in summer, to the Veitschbachtörl.

Here an easy descent to Neuberg an der Mürz would be possible in about 1 1/2 hours (ideal as a first overnight stop with a monastery worth seeing).

We hike from the Veitschbachtörl further to the huts of the Kleinveitschalm, also managed in summer, and, from here on the plateau, to the summit of the Hohe Veitsch (1981m).

The Graf Meran Haus is only about 15 minutes walk from the Veitsch summit and offers an ideal overnight stay.

From the Veitsch we follow the pilgrimage path in the direction of Mariazell downhill to Niederalpl (bus station, very nice inn, overnight accommodation, easy descent to Mürzsteg).From here our path leads us upwards again over the beautiful alpine landscape of the Tonionstock (several inhabited alpine pastures). Through the so-called "Styrian Siberia" we reach the small village of Frein an der Mürz via the Königskogel (recommended inn, overnight accommodation, bus station).

Now we go up again over the so-called "Roßwiese" to the Hinteralm, one of the most beautiful alpine pastures of Hochsteiermark. Unfortunately, the Hinteralmhütte (former shelter) is currently no longer available for overnight stays.Ideally, we follow the E4, the northern alpine path, up to the Schneealm. Here are several alpine pastures and the Schneealm shelter, an ideal overnight option.

From here it becomes more alpine up to the Rax, because both the descent over the Ameisbühel and the subsequent ascent from the Nasskamm over the secured Gamseck require some surefootedness and a head for heights.But the demanding route is rewarded with magnificent close-up views of the mighty rock faces of the Kahlmäuer and the Gamseck walls.

Once on the Rax, we climb to the highest point of our tour, the Heukuppe, at 2007m above sea level.A short descent to the east brings us to the Karl Ludwighaus (overnight stay possible, very good cuisine) and further down via the Schlangenweg to the Waxriegelhaus (also highly recommended, open all year).

Now a comfortable hiking trail brings us to the Preiner Gscheid (inn, large p., occasional bus service to the Mürztal).On the other side of the pass, a beautiful hiking trail now leads, briefly over Lower Austrian "territory", through forests slightly uphill to the Drahte(Tratten)kogel and further to the Scheibenhütte, which is open on weekends.

Here we can already see down to Mürzzuschlag again, which we reach after about 2 hours of walking downhill - so our circle closes.


Tour suggestion:

Day 1: Mürzzuschlag - Kaarl - Malleistenalm - Kleinveitschalm - Graf Meran Haus / Veitsch Starting and ending point: Mürzzuschlag train station - Graf Meran Haus / Veitsch Total walking time and elevation gain (ascent): 10 - 11 hours, 980 meters of elevation gain Supporting points: several mountain pastures, Graf Meran Haus (overnight stay)

Characteristics: long mountain hike, physically very demanding!


Day 2: Graf Meran Haus / Veitsch - Niederalpl - Tonion - Frein an der Mürz Starting and ending point: Graf Meran Haus / Veitsch - Frein / Freinerhof Total walking time and elevation gain (ascent): 9 - 10 hours, 1,980 vertical meters Support points: Graf Meran Haus, several inhabited alpine pastures, Freinerhof (overnight stay)

Characteristics: long mountain hike, physically demanding!


Day 3: Freinerhof - Hinteralm - Windberg - Schneealpenhaus Starting and ending point: Freinerhof - Schneealmhaus Total walking time and altitude gain (ascent): 5 - 6 hours, 1,300 meters altitude gain Support points: Freinerhof, several mountain pastures, Michlbauerhütte, Schneealmhaus (overnight stay)

Characteristics: Mountain hike over panoramic alpine pastures and peaks (Windberg, 1.903m)


Day 4: Schneealmhaus - Gamseck - Rax / Karl - Ludwig - Haus Total walking time and altitude gain (ascent): 5 hours, 900 meters altitude gain Support points: Schneealmhaus, Michlbauerhütte, Lurgbauer, Karl - Ludwig - Haus (overnight stay)

Characteristics: steep and conditionally demanding mountain hike, surefootedness necessary, short secured passages at the "Zahmen Gamseck", summit tour (Heukuppe, 2.007m)


Day 5: Rax / Karl - Ludwig - Haus - Preiner Gscheid - Hohe Scheibe - Mürzzuschlag Total walking time and altitude gain (ascent): 6 - 7 hours, 630 meters altitude gain Support points: Karl - Ludwig - Haus, Waxriegelhaus, Edelweißhütte, Scheibenhütte

Characteristics: Hike on wide paths and trails, between Preiner Gscheid and Mürzzuschlag extensive forest hike

In the upper Mürztal there are several interesting sights such as the Neuberg Abbey, the glassblowing workshop in the Kaiserhof, the Neuberg Nature Museum with the Schliefsteiner collection or the world's largest spinning wheel in Kapellen. Also the new climate change trail in Altenberg / Rax, the waterfall to the Dead Woman at Mürzsteg / Frein or the show tunnel at the Mürzufer / Krampen are highly recommended as excursion destinations.
Nature Park Taxi in the Mürzer Oberland Nature Park: Tel.: +43 3857 20170,

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Several parking possibilities in Mürzzuschlag, pay attention to short term parking zone.
If you want to entrust yourself to a tour operator, simply book with Steiermark Touristik, the official travel agency of Steiermark Tourismus: Tel. +43 316 4003 450,


Further information:

Mürzer Oberland Nature Park Office, tel. +43 3857 8321, , open Mon. - Fri. from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Styria Tourism, Tel. +43 316 4003,

TRV Hochsteiermark, tel. +43 3862 55020,


Tip: the Styria Tours app, available for free on Google Play and in the App Store (Android, iOS), offers detailed first-hand information: short facts (length, duration, difficulty, ascent and descent in altitude meters, ratings), map, route descriptions, altimeter, compass, summit finder, navigation along the tour. In addition, you can create your personal favorites list of favorite tours and points, save tours and destinations offline, play social media channels and more.


Mountain, hiking and nature park guides:Information at the Nature Park Office Mürzer Oberland, Tel.: +43 3857 8321.

By the way, get your personal summit pins with the Summit Lynx App:


What the weather will be like

Krieglach (608m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy through the day with a little sunshine and frequent rain.
5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy and rain, which will increase more and more.
11°C 20°C
11°C 22°C
11°C 21°C

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