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Stanzer Sonnenweg

A circular trail where we can feel, experience and see the power of the sun and its importance for life through various solar objects. Cultural-historical treasures along the way offer interesting insights. A technically easy hike - one of the most beautiful theme trails in Styria. The circular hiking trail can be shortened in many places. Have you ever taken a seat on the sun throne? Or lain under the energy spiral? More, more, more:


The Stanzer Sonnenweg at the foot of the Fischerbacher Alps, in the middle of the Mürztaler Streuobstregion makes hiking an experience.Cultural-historical costs in the Ulrichskirche, the Ulrichsbrunnen, as well as the functional, walkable Schaumühle, the Schauschmiede with attached Rauchkuchl and the large colorful crosshairs at the edge of the forest near the Waldkapelle show, in addition to the Flora K art garden, the variety of offerings around the village of Stanz im Mürztal.

Marvel at the solar objects along the path, which were designed by regional companies and craftsmen. The individual objects show different aspects of the sun's influence on people's lives.

The sun avenues are sections of the sun path where you can feel, experience and see the power of the sun and its importance for life on our earth. You have the possibility to rest on a "sun throne" or to lie down under the "energy spiral" to let the cosmic forces work on you. You also have the possibility to symbolically "travel" from the sun to the earth as light particles. Feel the warmth of the sun's rays on the black stone, experience the technical use of solar cells on model objects such as the "sun wheel".

Indulge in culinary delights at the seven sun stations along the way and also enjoy the atmosphere at the idyllic Stanz natural swimming pond.




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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
9,3 km
4:15 h
416 hm
414 hm
810 m
Highest point
617 m
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From the east and south: S6, highway exit Kindbergdörfel, still about 8km to Stanz.Coming from Eastern Styria: via the Schanzsattel to Stanz.
The Stanzer Sonnenweg at the foot of the Fischbacher Alps offers three entry points. Starting from the first entry point at the fire station, we walk in the direction of the natural swimming pond, cross a bridge and then arrive at the natural idyll. We walk along the pond and reach the second entry point vis à vis the soccer field. There is also plenty of parking here. We follow the Sonnenweg, an easily walkable section, the so-called Sonnenallee II to the first Sonnenweg station, the Gasthof Almwirt. From now on, the path winds somewhat uphill to the forest. We now roam through a relatively steep section of forest until we reach a small hill. Again and again we pass various sun trail objects, which give us strength and motivate us to continue our march. We reach the next refreshment stop at the accessible Schauschmiede and the Rauchkuchl. Stanzer farmers' wives provide us from Friday to Sunday with Sterz, must, StreuObstSäften, pastries of the region and coffee. The hike continues in the direction of Sonnberg: we reach the Rodler farm, hike along a meadow with a wonderful view, through a forest, look over the entire Stanzertal valley again and again and arrive at the water-powered Schaumühle mill. Now the path goes a bit uphill and we reach the Sonnenallee I. Again we feel the power of the sun objects. A meadow path leads us to the Url chapel, which can be visited. Now we go downhill through a beautiful piece of forest until we reach the gothic Ulrich church and the Ulrich fountain. This energy place was already known to the Celts, so they say. At the church of St. Ulrich you will find the third entry point including a parking lot. Now we continue along the road to the Flora "K" art garden, also a sun trail station and two other places to stop, the Buschenschank Kalcher and the Wirthaus am Webergut. We cross the stream and continue hiking to the crosshairs near the forest chapel. The last section of the Sonnenweg is flat. Again we reach two sun trail stations, the Gasthof Oberer Gesslbauer and the Gasthaus Tischlerwirt, which invite you to stop for a bite to eat. Afterwards we visit the church of St. Catherine, situated on a hill, and reach our starting point.
Before, after or during the tour, it is recommended to take a break at the Sonnenweg stations, which spoil you with regional specialties. A hike in untouched landscape that gives strength and energy for everyday life. After physical activity, a cooling off in the Stanz natural bathing pond is recommended.For all hikers who already know the Sonnenweg like the back of their hand, we recommend one of the 4 innkeepers' hiking trails - here you hike from inn to inn and from pleasure to pleasure - there are 4 circular hiking trails that always start at the respective inn.


With the regional trains to Kindberg station, more information on and continue with the Postbus to Stanz.
Parking at the end of Stanz, directly at the entry points.


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Stanz im Mürztal (649m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
Partly cloudy with sunny spells at first. But rain will start in the afternoon.
5 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
3°C 10°C
-1°C 6°C
-3°C 6°C

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