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Round hike from Tragöß to the Sonnschienalm

The hike leads through the gorge, further over the gorge floors to the high plateaus of the Sonnschienalm and over a striking trough valley to the Green Lake. The hike is located in the  ERZBERG LEOBEN region.
The attractive backdrop of the rugged rock faces, the alpine pastures in the karstified landscape and the numerous huts certainly make the Hochschwab massif one of the most popular hiking destinations in eastern Austria. This circular hike wonderfully combines several limestone highlights: a gorge, the impressive meadow areas of the Klammböden, the wide plateau of the Sonnschienalm, the descent via the Russenstraße and the Grüner See. The first part of the ascent to the head of the valley at the 2nd Klammboden is leisurely, followed by a steeper section of trail. Once at the plateau, the striking karst plateau character awaits us with several places to stop for refreshments at the Sonnschienalm. The descent via the Russenstraße, which was built by Russian prisoners of war of the First World War, is an attractive descent option. The final section of the trail follows the valley floor to the Grüner See lake, which is fed exclusively by springs. This scenic gem changes color as the water level changes.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
17,4 km
5:45 h
890 hm
890 hm
1542 m
Highest point
755 m
Lowest point

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Freeway S6, exit Bruck an der Mur or depending on the direction Oberaich, continue on the 116 direction Kapfenberg until the turn Tragöss L111 to Tragöß Oberort and another 1km to the paid parking lot direction Grüner See.
We start at the parking lot (1), 755 m, from the Green Lake in Tragöß-Oberort and walk directly through the parking lot area in the direction of the gorge or walkway to the Green Lake. The hiking trail 837 branches off to the right after about 500 meters in the direction of the gorge. The trail leads slightly uphill and ends in a forest road, which we now follow to the left. We pass the "Frühstückstein" (breakfast stone) and follow the red-white-red marking to the crossroads and the waypoint Klammhöhe (2), 970m. Here we keep to the left, following the trail, which is partly parallel to the road. After passing the gate of a game gate, the imposing path through the gorge begins. A wide gravel road leads uphill, passing the spring "Klammbründl", to the 1st gorge bottom. Here is the crossroads in the direction of Scheideck and on to the Bodenbauer. Our path continues across the plain, in succession with a slight ascent to the 2nd Klammboden (3), 1068 m. At the end of the valley floor the steeper part of the trail begins. A nicely laid out and easily passable path leads uphill to a crossroads (4), 1336 m, where we continue to the left and shortly after reach the "Ameisbühel". Slightly uphill, the trail leads through a karst landscape rich in flowers to the alpine plateau of the Sonnschienalm (5), 1523m. Here you will find numerous alpine huts and the well-known Sonnschienhütte. After a leisurely break, we orient ourselves by the trail marker 836 in the direction of Russenstraße - Jassing / Tragöß. We hike across the plateau, always staying on the gravel road, which leads continuously downhill in succession. The path passes by the junction to the Senkboden and Hörndlalm. Now we use the footpaths that shorten the Russenstraße. Back on the gravel road, we soon pass the waypoint Sonnschientörl (6), 1379 m. In the first bend after the avalanche passage, a large part of the Russenstraße is shortened, namely by heavily used, but not marked, paths. Arriving back at the road, we are directly at a dry (weather permitting) wide stream bed. The next 1.6 km we hike along the gravel road to the parking lot Jassing (7), 892 m, and thus also reach the valley floor. Out of the valley, the hiking trail first leads along the road, and after about 1.2 km it branches off to the left onto a forest road. We hike slightly up and down for about 1.3 km until we reach the asphalt road and soon see the entrance to the Seesteig on the left. We come directly to the Grüner See (8), 768 m, walk to the right along the lake shore, to come back to the road immediately afterwards. Follow this road out of the valley, past the Gasthof Seehof, to our starting point.


In the period from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the huts around the Sonnschienalm are closed for hunting and forestry reasons.

From 11 July 2021 new timetables for bus line 175 from Bruck an der Mur to Tragöß-Oberort.

An important part of a tour preparation is to deal with the journey. If you want to travel to the hike by public transport, you should find out about the Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark. With this ticket, you can travel across Styria for a whole day (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) for € 11.

New: From 11.7.2021 there are new timetables for bus line 175 (Bruck a.d. Mur to Tragöß-Oberort). Info: www.verbundlinie.at, ✆ 050 678910.

General information about public transport to the region: www.verbundlinie.at

By train to Bruck and then by bus to Tragöß.

Last ride from Tragöß-Oberort back to Bruck an der Mur on weekends at 5:15 pm.

Paid parking just before the parish pond.

Daily fee € 6,00

Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN 

Tourist office

Hauptplatz 3

8700 Leoben

Phone: +43 3842 481 4 810



Gasthof zur Post, ✆ +43 3868 8203, Mo, Di Ruhetage;

Hoamat-Kaffee, ✆ +43 676 946 6 562, Mi Ruhetag.


On the road

Sonnschienhütte, ✆ +43 664 511 2 474, kein Ruhetag;

Seehof Wenninger, ✆ +43 699 114 91 720, kein Ruhetag;


What the weather will be like

Tragöß-Sankt Katharein (650m)

0 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
12°C 29°C
14°C 28°C
15°C 27°C

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