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BergZeitReise - Tagestourentipp "am Bahnwanderweg"

Planned in 1848 to take the rebellious workers away from the capital of the Habsburg Empire by means of a mega - construction site and opened in 1854 as the first high mountain railroad in the world, today's UNESCO - World Heritage Site Semmering Railway connected (and of course still connects) Vienna with the Adriatic Sea, the capital of the empire and residence with the port of Trieste.

Suddenly, the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea could be reached from Vienna within a few hours. In addition, the train sets took the city dwellers into a mountain landscape that was almost unreal to them - the "conquest" of Rax, Stuhleck, Schneeberg & Co. had begun.

"Chosen" along the railroad hiking trail

For our BergZeitReise tour tip along the railroad hiking trail that connects Gloggnitz with Mürzzuschlag, we have chosen a few real hiking delicacies.

Because the ascent of the entire, almost 40 kilometer long way falls then nevertheless rather into the category conditional master achievement!

First, we climb the imposing Polleruswand near Breitenstein, which rewards us for our efforts with a magnificent railroad and mountain panorama. Afterwards, a walk on the Semmering to the famous "20 - Schilling - Blick" must not be missed, before we visit the small Zatzkakircherl in Spital am Semmering.

Finally, we will visit the Südbahnmuseum and the new ÖBB observation tower at Mürzzuschlag station.

Attention: the map sketch shows only the ascent to the Polleruswand, the walk to the "20 Schilling Blick" and the Zatzkakircherl are not marked!



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
1,4 km
2:00 h
380 hm
380 hm
971 m
Highest point
752 m
Lowest point

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The Polleruswand

We start our tour right away with the most strenuous part, with the ascent of the Polleruswand. To do this, we go through the Adlitzgräben to Breitenstein and from there in the direction of Reichenau a few hundred meters to the well visible Attersee - Mosaic (P). Here begins the approximately one-hour climb to the summit of the Polleruswand, known as the Pfefferweg (rocky in the uppermost part, surefootedness required, do not climb too far forward!). The panoramic view of the summit is impressive, especially the view of the Semmeringbahn is unique. The way back follows the ascent path.

The good old Schilling

We now continue from Breitenstein in the direction of Semmering, but stop in the area of Wolfsbergkogel (P, follow the sign), in order to walk from there in about 25 minutes on wide paths (several yellow signs) to the well-known "20 - Schilling - Blick". This view once adorned the 20 - Schilling - note of our Alpine Republic.

From Zatzkakircherl to Mürzzuschlag train station

From Semmering we continue to Spital am Semmering, where we recognize a few villas above the train station (P). There you will also find the idyllically situated little Zatzkakircherl, built by the Viennese master builder Ludwig Zatzka, with a magnificent view of Spital and the 1,783m high Stuhleck.

From here you can hike along the well-signposted railroad hiking trail in about 2 hours to Mürzzuschlag, where the new

ÖBB observation tower and the Südbahn Museum are the ideal conclusion to our tour. The return journey is of course by train!

Along the entire railroad hiking trail there are a variety of sights such as the promenade on the Semmering - Hochstraße, the parish church in Spital am Semmering or the museums in Mürzzuschlag. For Lower Austria: https://www.wieneralpen.at/a-bahnwanderweg-semmering-breitenstein 
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P Polleruswand near Breitenstein, not far from Blunzenwirt, P "20 Schilling Blick" near Wolfsbergkogel station, P Zatzkakircherl near Spital am Semmering station
www.bergzeitreise.at , www.steiermark.com/wandern

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Mariazell (860m)

10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy and rain, which will increase more and more.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Rain diminishing gradually and dry periods developing in the afternoon.
10°C 20°C
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