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Lynx Trail - Stage 01 Reichraming-Anlaufalm

Entry into wilderness: through the Kalkalpen National Park's wild forests on stunning narrow trails.

Kalkalpen National Park: a walk with great views

Entry into wilderness: through the Kalkalpen National Park's wild forests on stunning narrow trails.

Kalkalpen National Park: a walk with great views


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Level of difficulty
23,0 km
8:01 h
1004 hm
540 hm
987 m
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349 m
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Via the Eisenbundesstraße (B115)

 from 4400 Steyr - 4452 Ternberg - 4462 Reichraming Railway Station

 from  3335 Weyer - 4463 Großraming - 4462 Reichraming Railway Station

Enter the Wild: Untouched forests and beautiful scenery characterise your journey into the Kalkalpen National Park, and to the romantic Anlaufalm alpine pasture At the train station in Reichraming, you cross to the north side of the station (so that you find yourself in between the Enns river and the railway tracks). Now follow the road to the left (West), walking towards the village. At the confluence of the Enns and the Reichramingbach stream, the road bends to the left, taking you directly to the village of Reichraming. This is the last place with shops (supermarket, bakery, butcher’s, bank) for the next several days. Immediately after the village square, you go left up a hill, then turn right onto the Museumsweg road (towards the Forest Museum). Having passed both the museum and a game enclosure, you reach a forest road, which takes you out of the village towards the Reichraminger Hintergebirge mountain range. Keep going on this forest road (the E66) – simply ignore all of the marked turnings along the way. Having passed several solitary houses and farmsteads, you will have reached the Anzenbach car park (after a total hiking time of around 1 h 30 min). From the car park, you cross the bridge to your left and carry on past a boom barrier, until you see the turning for the Buchensteig trail to your left – a recently restored footpath which briefly takes you through some woodlands. Next, you cross a forest road, before traversing the Reichramingbach stream on a suspension bridge. Accompanied by the background murmur of the stream, you follow the shaded forest path for 3.5 km – all the way to the Wilder Graben basin, where a wooden walkway takes you to a forest road. Follow the road downhill, before turning right in order to rejoin the Buchensteig trail. The undulating path will take you to the ‘Wasserboden’, where a wooden walkway offers gorgeous views over the unspoilt river landscape of the Reichramingbach stream. Walking past the turning for the hiking trail that leads to ‘Ebenforstalm’, you carry on until you reach the bridge over the Rabenbach stream. This bridge is frequently used by lynx during the winter months, as camera traps and tracks in the snow have shown. Having reached the other side of the stream, you join another forest road (which is also used as the Hintergebirge Cycling Trail), which you follow in an upstream direction for around 20 minutes. Having walked through two short tunnels, you reach the Grosse Klause weir and the Klaushütte inn (restricted opening times) – a former woodcutters’ cabin whose history dates back to 1758. The lumberjacks of old, who used the cabin for shelter, not only cut the trees, but also floated the timber down the stream for further processing. The cabin’s location was of great significance: it was situated at the last weir before Reichraming. 1936 marked the last ever water transport – after that, the timber was moved through the forest via a logging railroad. After a stop-over at the inn, you continue on the forest road for another 20 minutes, before taking a left-hand turning towards ‘Keixen’. You now embark on an ascent, covering an altitude difference of 400m – walking past a derelict hunter’s cabin, always following the signposts for the ‘Anlaufalm’. Finally you reach the expansive Anlaufalm pasture (revealing a stunning view of the highest mountain in the Hintergebirge range: the solitary Größtenberg mountain), and the Anlaufalm mountain hostel, where you will spend the night.
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