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From hut to hut in the National park Gesäuse Stage 01 Admont - Mödlingerhütte

Culture meets nature: from the famous monastery Admont to the foot of the wild mountain Admonter Reichenstein
Of course there is always an easier way on every mountain. With more than 500 km of hiking trails and one of the highest densities of mountain huts in the Eastern Alps, nothing stands in the way of a hiking experience lasting several days in the only Styrian National Park. The whole Gesäuse in one go is best experienced on the Gesäuse Hut Tour. From hut to hut and even completely flexible (no fixed places to stay overnight, numerous variations and completely mobile without your own car), the alpine Gesäuse is more beautiful than ever to hike.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
14,4 km
5:18 h
1237 hm
360 hm
1542 m
Highest point
638 m
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With your own car:

A9 Phyrn motorway to exit Ardning/Admont and from there past Frauenberg, approx. 10 km after Admont.

By train: The following train stations are at your disposal: Liezen train station (continue with bus 910 to Admont), Weißenbach - St. Gallen train station (from here take bus 912 to Admont).

By plane: The following international airports can be recommended for arrival by plane - Vienna, Linz and Graz. Arrival Shuttle Service Brings you to the starting point of your trail journey and back to the ideal train station or airport at the end of the tour.

The Trail Info & Booking Centre will be happy to organise this shuttle service.

Opposite Admont Monastery in the centre of Admont you turn diagonally right (looking south) into Marienparkweg. Cross the Aignerstraße and continue along the Obere Bachgasse and the Bachpromenade until you reach the turnoff to Schloss Röthelstein. Then walk a little along the L713 to the former Gasthof Paradies and leave the road in a left-hand bend - here path no. 601 leads straight on into the Veitlgraben. Follow this road until you reach the road L713 at the former Gasthaus Nagelschmiede. Here you cross the road in the direction of Kaiserau. From the parking lot of the Kaiserau cableways, the path continues over a large meadow to the Klinke Hütte (1.504 m). After passing behind the hut, the trail climbs east in a few minutes to the Kalblinggatterl.

From there the trail continues in 2 hours 15 min to the Mödlinger Hütte: Follow the signs (01, 08) down to the idyllic alpine pastures of the Flitzenalm. The rocky Admonter Reichenstein (2.251m) is a splendid sight here. The mountain, which for a long time was considered invincible, was first climbed from the Flitzenalm in 1873 through its steep south side. From the Hinteren Flitzenalm, the route alternates between climbs and forest roads up to the Mödlinger Hütte (1,523m). It is situated impressively on the back of the Treffneralm and the panoramic view of the peaks of Großen Ödstein, Admonter Reichenstein and Sparafeld is amazing.

It is recommended to contact the Trail Info & Booking Centre before booking.



Im Gesäuse bist du auch ohne eigenes Auto mobil

 Ein Anruf unter +43(0)3613/21 000-99 genügt: Innerhalb der Betriebszeiten (täglich 08:00 - 20:00 Uhr) kommst du von Mai bis Oktober mit dem Gesäuse Sammeltaxi, vlg. Gseispur, zu jedem beliebigen Ziel im Gesäuse, ganz ohne Fahrplan und Haltestellen. Selbst für eine Anbindung an die Bahnhöfe Liezen, Selzthal und Kleinreifling ist gesorgt.


Sammeltaxi (pro Person) € 9,50 *

Bahnhofshuttle (pauschal pro Fahrzeug) € 40,00 **

Radtransport auf Anfrage


* Kinder unter 12 Jahren in Begleitung der Eltern kostenlos; Preis gültig bis 25 km Fahrtstrecke, jeder zusätzliche Kilometer € 1,00 pro Fahrzeug

**Bahnhöfe Liezen, Selzthal, Kleinreifling (nur Sommer); Anmeldung am Vortag bis 19:00 Uhr, maximal 8 Personen pro Fahrzeug

Hotline +43(0)3613/21 000 99

Parking is available at the respective starting points of the trail tour (Attention: parking possibilities are very limited in Johnsbach). Most of the parking spaces are free of charge and not supervised! The return transport will bring you back to your car.

Tip: Please place a note in your car with a note that you are on the Gesäuse Hut Trail (including the date of your return and telephone number) - the mountain rescue service will thank you!




What the weather will be like

Gaishorn am See (724m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Variable cloudiness with long sunny periods and a chance of showers around noon.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
A sunny morning, soon followed by showers and finally also thunderstorms.
14°C 22°C
12°C 25°C
12°C 22°C

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