Wasserlochklamm Gorge


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Near Palfau you can find the Wasserloch Mystery, that is also part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. Go on a hike through the gorge with its suspension bridge, waterfalls and splendid views, and the prospect of culinary treats! They call it a mystery, because a sump lake pours out into the depths of the gorge in unpredictable and unregular intervals.

The hike begins by crossing the suspension bridge leading over the emerald green Salza River. Those who dare to look down can catch a glimpse of the colourful helmets of the kayakers and rafting groups. Continue on your way and the gorge will soon pull you in. The sturdy wooden stairs up the climb to the Wasserloch allow even families with children to live this experience.

Like a duck takes to water

On this excursion the water is your constant companion. First, be in awe of the flamboyant Salza River, then let the five roaring waterfalls along the way take you in (one of them has an impressive dropping height of 37m!). Finally, arrive at the unpredictable Wasserloch Mystery, a karst spring that is sure to mystify any onlooker. Where does the water come from and when will it appear again?


After the experience at the Wasserlochklamm you have earned yourself a snack. Thankfully the tavern Wasserlochschenke offers just that. Choose between the best baked potatoes in the area or indulge in a delicious waffle while sitting on a comfy bench, watching the rafting boats pass by. You might even suddenly feel hungry again – hungry for going rafting yourself! We’ve heard it has happened more than once...

Opening hours

  • Mid May - Oct. 31st, 9 a.m.
  • during summer holidays, 8 a.m.

Date and time

  • 15 April - 31 October 2022

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