Schneeschuhwandern im Gesäuse | © Sarah Vierthaler
Bergwanderführer Stefan Siedler | © Stefan Leitner
Unterwegs auf leisen Sohlen im Winter | © Sarah Vierthaler
Winterlandschaft im Gesäuse | © Stefan Leitner

Schneeschuh BaseCamp


About the offer

The Gesäuse must be earned, especially in winter. If you want to reach high altitudes, you have to go. But not necessarily on skins. Like ski tourers, snowshoe hikers also move in open terrain and must therefore be able to recognize and assess possible dangers in winter terrain. The basecamp snowshoe teaches the participants essential avalanche knowledge: handling safety equipment - i.e. avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe -, searching for buried subjects, planning the tour, estimating the terrain, choosing and laying out tracks. Of course, there will be enough sleep. Because at Gesäuse, enjoyment is a must - even if you have to sweat for it. But diligence and price do not rhyme in vain.

What can I expect?

Pleasant sleeping in the Schee and a well-founded introduction to the safety issues of winter sports in open terrain. The participants learn in a close interweaving of theory and practice the assessment of dangers in the open terrain and the correct behavior in it.

What are the benefits?

Safety. Just as with skiing, the following applies: Just because nothing happened, you were not safe on the slopes. If you are equipped with the necessary knowledge - and skills - you will sleep much more relaxed through the snow. The goal is to enable the participants to plan and carry out snowshoe tours independently in open terrain.

Price 2021

Snowshoe BaseCamp € 244,00

Overnight stay

You are still looking for a warm bed after snowshoe tour? We are happy to help you with the search. Just write us at

Program sequence

BaseCamp, Day 1

At 09:00 am you will be welcomed by your mountain guide. After a short introduction of the course program you will go straight to the equipment check. However, you will have to wait until the afternoon before your first snowshoe tour, because between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. there is a theory session: You will learn the theory of avalanche victim search with your avalanche transceiver, probing and digging out a buried person. You will also learn a lot about how to avoid avalanche accidents: How do avalanches occur, how to interpret an avalanche situation report, which terrain should be avoided, etc.

After a lunch break you will finally be ready for your first small snowshoe tour with about 400 HM ascent. You will learn the right technique for walking with snowshoes. After dinner you plan the tour for the next day in the group.

BaseCamp, day 2

The second day of the BaseCamp is all about practice: You will be on a snowshoe tour with about 800 HM of ascent all day long and learn a lot about orientation in the terrain, the right track layout and analysis of potential avalanche danger spots in practice. This way you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice the day before.

BaseCamp, day 3 & individual departure

The third day at Snowshoe BaseCamp is the safety day. After breakfast we start at 09:00 a.m. with avalanche accident management in practice: You can now intensively practice in practice what you learned in the theory unit on the first day about searching for avalanche victims with your avalanche transceiver, probing and digging out a buried victim. Additionally, your mountain guide will show you the basics of first aid in the mountains. At about 15:00 pm the snowshoe base camp ends and you are ready for your first independently conducted moderate snowshoe tours.

Not included in the scope of services

  • food and drinks
  • Transfers on site in carpools
  • Individual tips

Good to know

The program is subject to change in case of bad weather, critical avalanche situation, other bad conditions or unforeseen natural events. There is therefore no guarantee for the feasibility of the advertised course. Your safety comes first, so please be aware that your guide may decide to change the tour due to bad weather conditions. Thank you for your understanding!

Included services

Not included in the scope of services

  • Overnight stay
  • food and drinks
  • Transfers on site in carpools
  • Individual tips


  • Experience in alpine summer mountain hiking
  • basic condition for all-day tours up to 600 meters altitude
  • minimum age 12 years (with appropriate fitness and motivation)


The following equipment must be brought along for snowshoeing

  • Snowshoes for alpine use: so called "modern" with harsh claws on the side and on the binding as well as climbing aid (e.g. MSR Denali EVO).
  • In addition ski poles/hiking poles with a large plate. This equipment can be rented by appointment or online at the Pörl Sport Shop in Admont. (Costs: € 15,00 per day)
  • At least ankle-high hiking boots with profile sole by Vibram (category B/C): The shoes must be warm, high enough and waterproof, otherwise you will get wet and cold feet.
  • Gaiters
  • Breathable multi-layer hiking clothing incl. softshell jacket or similar
  • hood and 2 pairs of waterproof gloves
  • backpack with good carrying system and at least 25 liters large
  • Sun protection (sunglasses with UV filter, sunscreen at least SPF 30, lip protection at least SPF 20, sun protection for the head)
  • Water bottle min. 1.5 liter (depending on your own needs)
  • Breathable wind & rain protection clothing
  • jacket and trousers

Date and time

  • 07 January - 09 January 2022
    04 February - 06 February 2022
    04 March - 06 March 2022

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€ 260.00


07 January - 09 January 2022
04 February - 06 February 2022
04 March - 06 March 2022

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