Die Nothklamm in Gams | © Stefan Leitner
Blick auf Gams | © Stefan Leitner
Wandern entlang des GeoPfades | © Stefan Leitner
Wildnis in der Nothklamm | © Stefan Leitner

Nothklamm Gorge


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For hot summer days

During the summer there’s just no place as refreshing as Nothklamm Gorge near Gams. Wooden walkways lead you further into the beautiful nature of Gamsbach Creek. And, to top it all off, there’s also Kraushöhle Cave to visit. Rock formations and natural waterworks give the hike a truly unique character. The walkway – spanning a total length of 700 metres – takes you into the gorge and make you feel like you’re floating. The best thing about this place are the refreshing temperatures in summer.

But don’t walk too fast, there are many things waiting to be discovered! Above your head are some amazing rock formations and below your feet the roaring waters and fossils of snails and other shells. Make sure you pay attention to the details: seemingly boring lichens become true wonders of nature and small caves the discovery of the year. All the while, the water splashes down the riverbed and make the whole ravine vibrate.

High up on the list

Stones of all colours and shapes and the wild roar of the water in your ears – sounds everything but boring, right? We heard that some of the inhabitants of Gams come here every day to discover new magical places for themselves. Avalanches occur frequently in winter and during the summer season you can sometimes see the traces of them, when behind every corner there’s a new rock formation to see. Wildly romantic is how some would describe the gorge, thrilling is what others might say. We say both are valid descriptions depending on whether you discover the gorge with your heart or with your brains.

Stone mill

At the stone mill at the end of Nothklamm Gorge a stone is always going round and round. The stones are shaped into balls through the power of the water alone – now that’s something pretty unique in Styria. And on we go leaving the natural beauty called Nothklamm Gorge behind us, only to stumble across the hidden Kraushöhle Cave. And finally there’s the GeoWerkstatt Workshop, where you can not only marvel at the precious stones, but also make your own jewellery to remind you of the GeoDay in Gams. Speaking of souvenirs: maybe you'll get lucky and find some fossils in the riverbed - who knows?

The Nothklamm Gorge is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

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GeoPath with nothklamm gorge and stone ball mill

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  • 01 May - 30 September 2023

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