Gesäuse Hüttenrunde | © Stefan Leitner
Unterwegs zur nächsten Gesäuse Schutzhütte | © Stefan Leitner
Ennstalerhütte | © Stefan Leitner
Unvergessliche Momente in den Gesäusebergen | © Stefan Leitner

From hut to hut in the Gesäuse


About the offer

The Gesäuse is too beautiful to spend just a day or two here. It is a good thing that it knows how to keep its visitors: With a network of hiking trails of over 500 kilometres and one of the highest density of mountain huts in the Eastern Alps, there is more than one reason to stay several days in the Styrian wilderness. The obvious thing to do is hut hopping: from one hut to the next, from one mountain range to the next. This way, one gets to know the Gesäuse from really all corners and ends: Its huts, scenic diversity and different mountain groups.

First of all: the route presented here is only one of many variations, a suggestion that can be flexibly changed and varied according to individual ability and taste. Styrian plum picking, if you like. And the first plum is at 1,523 metres, at the foot of the mighty Reichenstein. Dark wood panelling, green window shutters, „Kasnocken“ - welcome to the Mödlingerhütte!

History blows around your nose at the second plum: The Hesshütte is located at 1,699 metres on the Ennsecksattel, in the middle of the Hochtor group and in the immediate vicinity of King Hochtor, the highest peak of the Ennstal Alps, Planspitze and Hochzinödl. An institution founded in 1893 on the initiative of the "Alpine Society D'Ennstaler". This is the primordial cell of the Alpine Society, initiated by Gesaeuse's father Heinrich Heß. It is to him and his "D'Ennstaler" that we owe the network of paths in the Gesaeuse - and the Hesshütte, which preserves a worthy memory with its name.

The third plum, the Ennstalerhütte, makes it almost even more historic. It nestles at 1,543 metres in a ridge between the Tieflimauer and Tamischbachturm. And: it is an old lady, the oldest refuge in the Gesäuse. It too was built on the initiative of the "D'Ennstaler", its history goes back to 1885, and it is already enthroned in the Buchstein group, opposite the Hochtor group, which was already known to the people of the previous days.

And one returns to it again, right on the next stage, which leads to the Haindlkarhütte at 1,121 metres. And although it is comparatively low, its location is simply spectacular. The Haindlkarhütte sticks to the north walls of the Hochtor group and as such "eagles nest of alpine eagle brood", as mountaineer Hans Schwanda once called it, no less rich in history. The climbing elite of the so-called Viennese School spent their entire summer here. One tour after the other was tackled, there is hardly a better starting point or base for climbing tours on the north faces than the Haindlkarhütte.

But then there is also the spectacular broad front of the Haller Mauern. They mark the border between Styria and Upper Austria. Here, at 1,723 metres, lies the Admonterhaus, surrounded by Grabnerstein, the most beautiful flower mountain in Styria, Mittagskogel, Natterriegel and Hexenturm. On the back side it goes already in the direction of Upper Austria down to the Seeboden.

The last plum along the Hüttenrunde is already an Upper Austrian one: The Rohrauerhaus is situated at 1.308 meters on the Pyhrgasgatterl, barely a stone's throw away from the Styrian border and is enthroned not far from the Gr.Pyhrgas, the largest of the Haller Mauern.

And although there would be a lot more plums in the Gesäuse, there has to be an end sometime. When it is at its most beautiful, then one should stop. And so the final descent follows: from the Rohrauerhaus it's back to the beginning, down to Admont.

What awaits me?

A hut hike of several days through the Ennstal Alps. You pass through various mountain groups, breathe air steeped in history and get to know the Gesäuse intensively. But beware! There is a danger of addiction. Many aspirants have already lost their hearts in the local mountains and have become constant repeat offenders. But we think: This risk is definitely worth the effort.

What's in it for me?

Tight calves. Many impressions. And I'm sure you'll be very happy.

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Link to tour description

Stage 01 Admont - Mödlingerhütte

Stage 02 Mödlingerhütte - Heßhütte

Stage 03 Heßhütte - Ennstalerhütte

Stage 04 Ennstalerhütte - Haindlkarhütte

Stage 05a Haindlkarhütte - Weidendom

Stage 05b Weidendom - Admonterhaus

Stage 06 Admonterhaus - Rohrauerhaus

Stage 07 Rohrauerhaus - Admont


From a technical point of view, the Gesäuse hut circuit has moderate difficulties, which are no problem for the sure-footed and experienced mountain hiker. All the stages run on mountain paths with a red dot, which means that they are classified as moderately difficult hiking paths according to the classification of the Austrian Alpine Club. However, you should have a certain amount of mountain experience for the Gesäuse Hüttenrunde, as you will be hiking in mountains with altitudes of up to 1,850 m. The Gesäuse Hüttenrunde is moderate to demanding in terms of physical condition: Although only one stage (Heßhütte - Ennstaler Hütte) exceeds the "magic limit" of 7 hours of pure walking time, most stages take between 5 and 6 hours of pure walking time. However, the many metres in altitude (up to 1,250 metres in the ascent and 1,400 metres in the descent) make it a quite demanding undertaking - you are moving in a steep and rugged mountain range. In addition, you have to carry all your luggage yourself during the Gesäuse Hüttenrunde, as the huts are not accessible by car and therefore no luggage service is available. We therefore recommend that you prepare yourself accordingly. The Gesäuse Hüttenrunde is suitable for children aged 12 and over who are in very good physical condition.


For the Gesäuse Hüttenrunde, "normal" equipment for alpine hikes on unpaved paths is completely sufficient.

In any case, we recommend sturdy shoes and telescopic hiking poles to take the strain off your knees on the sometimes longer descents. For all the refuges along the trail, you must also bring a hut sleeping bag and a towel. Since the refuges where you will be staying overnight on your trail are very remote and high up in the mountains, we recommend that you pack your rucksack sparingly and only take what you really need with you on the Gesäuse Hüttenrunde.

It can be quite liberating to be on the trail without luxury!

Opening hours

The best time of year for a trail tour at the Gesäuse Hüttenrunde is from the end of May to mid-October, depending on the snow conditions and the individual hut opening times.

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  • 15 May - 26 October 2021
    15 May - 26 October 2022

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