Bergführer Christian Stangl | © Stefan Leitner
Klettern am Buchstein | © Stefan Leitner
Am Hochtor mit Bergführer Christian Stangl | © Stefan Leitner
Bergführer Oliver Rohrmoser | © Stefan Leitner

Day trip with mountain guide Christian Stangl


About the offer

Admonter Reichenstein peak - the matriculation certificate

At the University of Mountaineering, the normal route of the Admonter Reichenstein peak is the first big test on the way to becoming a rock climbing professional. The route to the Reichenstein peak is widely known as the "normal route", but has nothing to do with a hiking trail. The easy climbing route (UIAA 2) is used for both ascent and descent. Well secured you can put your alpinistic skills to the test. The "Holzfällernockerl" at the Mödlingerhütte with a Reichenstein backdrop taste really good afterwards.

Peternpfad - Poaching stories and pioneering spirit

On the Peternpfad you feel like you have been transported 150 years back to the time of the "black Peter" and the development of the alpine Gesäuse. The Peternpfad (UIAA 2) is the easiest, but very impressive climb trough the north face of the highest peak in the Gesäuse. From the Haindlkarhütte lodge you can only guess where the Peternpfad might run, only at the foot of the mighty Rosskuppe peak and the Peternschartenköpfe can you see the possible way through.

Großer Buchstein peak - a mountain with good taste

The Großer Buchstein peak hast many faces and numerous different ways to climb it. One of them is the Südwand Klettersteig (via ferrata). It offers the ideal opportunity to get used to the steep Gesäuse limestone. Here you can expect an impressive wall ascent with wonderful views down along a diagonally running band system. Together with climbers and chamois, you can romp around in the south walls of the Großer Buchstein and work your way up to the imposing summit under your own steam. After the tour - from the terrace of the Buchsteinhaus - an overwhelming view of the Hochtor Group awaits you. The culinary delights offered by hut landlord Tschitschi are in no way inferior to the view, and so in the end it is often difficult to tell whether the appetite for mountaineering or for the kitchen at the Buchsteinhaus is greater.

Who am I with?

The two local Indians Christian Stangl and Oliver Rohrmoser (both are state-certified mountain and ski guides, IFMGA Mountain Guide) are mountain guides by passion and that's exactly why you not only learn the basics of mountaineering on their tours, but also regularly have something to laugh about. They will lead you over the normal route to the Admonter Reichenstein and back safely.

Programme sequence

Your mountain guide awaits you early in the morning at the lodge (Peternpfad - Haindlkarhütte lodge / Reichenstein - Mödlingerhütte lodge / Gr. Buchstein - Buchsteinhaus lodge). You can walk upt to the hut the day before and spend the night up there or, if you are fit enough, start early in the morning. After an extensive breakfast and material check you start with your mountain guide towards the summit.


  • sure footedness in the terrain and freedom vertigo
  • basic condition for tours up to 6 hours and 1000 vertical meters (Peternpfad: 8 hours and 1400 vertical meters)
  • experience with medium to difficult hikes
  • minimum age 12 years


  • sturdy alpne boots
  • backpack
  • weatherproof clothing
  • via ferrata set *
  • climbing harness *
  • climbing helmet *

* can be borrowed against advance notice

Price information

The price includes the services of the mountain guide. Not included are overnight stays, costs for food and drinks.


Payment directly on site.

Date and time

  • 09 June 2022
    23 June 2022
    28 July 2022
    25 August 2022
    08 September 2022
    22 September 2022
  • Thursday - Starting at o'clock

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