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Kraulkurs für Fortgeschrittene

Autumn 2021 - Spring 2022

with conni and Martina in the indoor swimming pool Admont

You are a hobby or health athlete, want to participate in a triathlon, or just like to swim your laps in the pool and you want to learn crawl swimming?

You have already learned the crawl, but still have problems with breathing or want to improve your technique? In 8 sessions we will show you different overtakes and work on your technique to make the crawl more efficient.

Date and time

  • Tuesday, 01 February 2022
  • Tuesday, 15 February 2022
  • Tuesday, 01 March 2022
  • Tuesday, 15 March 2022
  • Tuesday
    19:30 O'clock
  • Duration: 60 Minutes

Event location

Admont - Hallenbad Admont

Additional Information

Indoor swimming pool Admont (next to NMS Admont) Start 19:30

Cost excluding admission: € 100.00 per person

Further information and registration under

Cornelia Ainhirn-Gsenger, state-certified swimming instructor


Martina Traisch, state-certified swimming instructor

Weitere Infos und Anmeldungen unter

Cornelia Ainhirn-Gsenger, staatlich geprüfte Schwimminstruktorin


Martina Traisch, staatlich geprüfte Schwimminstruktorin