Marterlweg Kammern | © Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN Marterlweg Kammern | © Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN

Marterlweg Route 1 (green)

The Marterlweg comprises 4 different routes and is located in the ERZBERG LEOBEN region.
The Marterlweg in the municipality of Kammern im Liesingtal, Styria, is extremely interesting from both a scenic and a cultural point of view.

Each wayside shrine tells its own story and is usually located along the path or on private property. The wayside shrines are lovingly tended by their owners throughout the year.

Tour 1 (green) is probably the most demanding and leads through the centre of Kammern im Liesingtal via the Fadelgraben, the Leims and back via Kammern - Unterdorf back to the village.

A detailed description of the wayside shrines/crosses can be found in the Marterlweg map, which is also available online or can be taken free of charge at the market square.

Description of the wayside shrines and wayside shrines



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
14,3 km
4:30 h
462 hm
482 hm
1040 m
Highest point
652 m
Lowest point

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From the market square, the path leads along the Karl-im-Hofweg. The signposting is clearly recognisable along the entire Marterlweg trail. Past the first wayside shrines, the path leads through the forest and at the first bend back down into the valley towards the main road. There you will find the St. John's Cross. Here we cross the main road along the stream across the meadow to the R15 cycle path and then turn right. Continuing across the Fadelgraben, the trail extends along the forest road up to the Marienkapelle (5) and down again into the beachbarten Graben into the Leims. Following the signposts, the trail then leads up to Franz Marchler's memorial. The path then winds slowly downhill again in serpentine form towards Kammern - Unterdorf. From here it goes under the motorway again and before the railway station another 300m to the right to the most famous of them all, the Gstottmoar Chapel, which is also included during the church processions.

Back towards the station, the path then leads through the subway and we stop at the Kammern parish church, whose historical roots go back to 1196. From there we walk up Kirchgasse, past the large, distinctive wooden crosses that are part of the Stations of the Cross, to the market square.

Travelling to Kammern by train or by bike (Rastlandradweg R15) is the environmentally friendly and stress-free alternative to travelling by car.
With the BusBahnBim app of the Verbundlinie, timetable information has never been easier: all bus, train and tram connections in Austria can be queried by entering locations and/or addresses, stops or important points. The app is available as a free app for smartphones (Android, iOS) - on Google Play and in the App Store.
Arrival details are available here.
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Kammern im Liesingtal (671m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Fair or bright in the beginning, cloudy towards the end of the day.
-11°C -1°C
-11°C 2°C
-10°C 3°C

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