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Arnold Schwarzenegger

A long time ago in the early 50s of last century: The boy with the huge schoolbag, who waited for the bus from Thal to Graz was teased by the others. "One day I'll go to America to become a star", he said. In so doing, he mentioned a world as far away from Thal as the moon.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the two sons of the local policeman, later did eventually land on the "moon". His sensational life is well documented on thousands of internet pages and in dozens of books.


There are certainly only a few people in the world who do not know his name today. And there is another thing that the world knows: that he is Austrian and from Styria. As the top body-builder of all time, highest paid Hollywood star and Governor of the US state of California, with 36 million inhabitants, he has not missed any opportunity to put his homeland in the spotlight.


The strings that bind him to his old home are still strong. He is unlikely to come back to live here - but you can get up close to him in the house in which he was born in Thal. All the items that are exhibited in the Schwarzenegger Museum were carefully chosen by him. This is because he wants to say: "It all began here - and I'm still Styrian!"


Original German language text by Werner Kopacka