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The Baroque Period

Riegersburg Castle

Visible for miles around, Riegersburg Castle is one of Styria's most significant landmarks.  At almost 200 metres high, the mighty cliffs on which it stands tower above the valley. None of the attacking enemy legions that so often came from the East and the South ever succeeded in taking Riegersburg Castle.

Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Palace)

The turmoil involved at the turn of the seventeenth century also caused great social shifts in the structure of the estate hierarchy. The old aristocratic families argued with the emperor for years.  This dispute finally ended in 1620 with an imperial victory at the Battle of White Mountain. Ferdinand II thanked his followers with land and titles. He raised new names, such as the families of Dietrichstein, Wallenstein, Lobkowitz and Liechtenstein, to the rank of prince. The Eggenberg family also owes its meteoric rise to this era. The wonderful palace and garden in Graz can be visited today.