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20th century

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, was born in Graz on 18 December 1863.  He was a withdrawn boy and raised in a strict military fashion. As Emperor Franz Joseph I kept the question of succession open after the death of his son Rudolf, Franz Ferdinand was never formally named as successor. Franz Ferdinand planned the reorganisation of the dual monarchy into a federal state based on ethnic groups and crown lands for the time of his accession to power. In doing so, he was completely opposed to the emperor. Of a strict catholic-conservative mindset, he had a happy marriage and family life until he and his wife were murdered by the Bosnian student Gavrilo Princip. This act was the reason for the start of the First World War.


1945: The end of the Second World War was characterised by several events in Styria. There had never been a "zero hour" in the real sense. The state was occupied by five powers until it became a British occupied zone from July 1945. 
"The last British soldier has left Styria today", declared Commander-in-Chief of the British occupying forces in Austria as he officially took his leave of Governor Krainer on 20 September 1955. After this, Styria was completely free.