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19th century

This century produced one of Styria's biggest personalities. Nearly everyone knows that Archduke Johann married a postmaster's daughter. The residents of Styria also know that in this region, there is almost nothing that does not, in some form or another, directly or indirectly, go back to the one they call the "Steirischer Prinz" ("Styrian Prince").


He was closely tied to the region through his possessions, his wife and through numerous foundations and establishments.  After the crises of the Napoleonic Wars, he decisively re-organised it and created completely new economic and cultural conditions.


The history of the Styrian Museum is ostensibly the history of the Styrian Landesmuseum Joanneum (Joanneum State Museum). The Joanneum is not just Austria's oldest museum open to the public, it is also the largest state museum.  It also received certification as "a truly European museum" though the award of the Council of Europe's museum prize in 1983.