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Graz Old Town

Impressive and inspirational with a warm greeting for every visitor. Graz Old Town awaits you with the largest and most beautiful historic walled city centre in Central Europe.  You can best convince yourself of this by getting to know the city "from above". A lift, a train, a path and steps lead up the Schlossberg mountain. At the top, you are greeted by the clock tower, the landmark of the capital of the Green Heart of Austria. You are rewarded for the climb with a 360 degree panoramic view. Marvel at the city's red roofs - a World Heritage Site.


Back down below in the streets, walk through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period, visit churches and have a quiet look at the peaceful corners and sleepy courtyards. UNESCO has awarded the Old Town the title of World Heritage Site.


But there is more to Graz: it is also a city of culture with countless museums, the opera, the modern Kunsthaus gallery (known lovingly as the "friendly alien" by the locals). And, just next to it, there is the Murinsel: an island in the river. It was specially created when Graz was the European Capital of Culture in 2003. The steel island houses a café and a small climbing paradise for children. Or visit one of the many cabarets.


Graz is also the epicurean capital: treat yourself; be it in cosy inns, rustic beer gardens or fine restaurants.  There is always one extra thing on the menu, which is full of either Styrian specialities or international delicacies - and that is Styrian hospitality.


What's the best way to explore the city on the Mur? Book one of the individual city tours. On foot, by bus, by bike .... More information: www.graztourismus.at