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Vinofaktur Genussregal Southern Styria

"Gourmet Shelf"

Those that devote themselves to pleasure in all its different forms as intensively and passionately as us, those that give their undivided attention to regional specialities and culinary delights, will accordingly also wish to put the spotlight on this "regional treasure trove" and present to you a very special forum never before seen in this way. With the Genussregal we give you this idea of visionary implementation.
Visitors can thus a wide range of experience rooms and immerse themselves in both the interaction of state, people and region, and also taste and enjoy the quality and excellence of Styrian products.

Plan for at least one hour!

What's waiting for you:
A gourmet world (exhibition) "So schmeckt die Südsteiermark" ("A Taste of Southern Styria") with numerous tastings (see below) as well as fun, interactive, useful and whimsical elements. An oversized "Gourmet Shelf" as a landmark, an imposing 60 metres long and impressive 12 metres high, as well as a shop of superlatives in terms of Styrian wine and cuisine.


We present

  • 10,000 workers (in our bee hive display)
  • 1300 products from excellent Styrian producers
  • 1000 bits of information and notes on products and manufacturers
  • 130 members, partners and suppliers show what "good taste" means
  • Over 40 tastings of the best Styrian culinary specialities and wines (pumpkin seed oils, other oils, pumpkin seeds, honey, vinegar, spirits, sweet and savoury pickled items, chocolate fountains, cocoa beans, Volcano ham, fruit juices and numerous Styrian wines) at 4 tasting stations.
  • 35 films and film excerpts (statements), entertaining, amusing, useful and even a little off the wall
  • 8 information booths
  • 2 chocolate fountains
  • 1 cybermoped