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Hiking for pleasure

From mountain top to apple tree

An exquisite combination of mountains, forests and mountain watercourses awaits you; the contrast between the Alpine north with its mountain lakes, pastures and huts and the gentle hills around the south's wine, apples and pumpkins. It is the huge variety between the Dachstein, the Hochschwab and the gentle wine country that makes it. It all gives it energy. It also means pushing limits: not just physical limits, but also the geographical limit of the Slovenian border. Miles of hiking offers a unique experience for mind, body and soul - you will quickly de-stress and be at one again.

Ennstal valley and Dachstein  © Steiermark Tourismus, Photo: Raffalt

From Glacier to Wine

Whether you are on a spiritual journey, a journey of discovery or simply want to enjoy nature.

From Glacier to Wine
Grüner See/Green Lake (Hochsteiermark) - © Steiermark Tourismus, Photo: ikarus.cc

Hiking hotels

At the end of each day's hiking, specialist hotels will welcome you with Styrian warm-heartedness.

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