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Modern architecture in Austria

Modern buildings in Styria

Architecture in Austria: Some places in the world today rely on modern architecture as a tourist attraction. Take Bilbao, for example. Styria on the other hand has a long tradition of contemporary quality building. It all started in the 1960s with rebellious graduates of the Faculty of Architecture in Graz and their irrepressible desire to recreate the wheel of architecture. After a couple of decades the ‘Graz School’ was in full cry – internationally acclaimed and the subject of political support, it revelled in innovation and joyful experimentation.

The younger generation of architects actively seeks out international comparison, uses a low-key, straightforward vocabulary of architecture and regards itself more as a service provider. And is successful in doing so. While Graz, the cultural capital of Europe, bolstered the good reputation of Styrian architecture with a number of internationally acclaimed structures in 2003, the entire Province itself is full of interesting buildings in the fi elds of public and commercial life as well as tourism. Wine growers know that the architecture of their establishments refl ects the quality of their top products – businessmen are aware that modern building represents an open view into the future, and many others realise that rural construction is more than just imitating conventional forms. All lights are on green and one thing is certain: the 21st century will also see a glorious chapter added to the history of Styrian architecture.

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