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Culture in and from Styria

The fact that Styria is such a wonderful world of culture is down to its many centuries of history. Whether in Graz itself or beyond the city limits in the many monasteries, castles and churches, you notice the meeting of European cultures - Roman, Slavic, Hungarian and Germanic. Styrian folk culture, for example, tells of the many traditions, the special traditional costumes and the crafts that are part of the Green Heart of Austria. High culture, on the other hand, is home to the many literati that this state has produced as part of its creative history and tells of countless theatres, performance venues and concert halls.


On the subject of culture, Styria's visual arts also deserve an important mention: there are many exhibitions all year round, both permanent and temporary; whether in the modern Kunsthaus gallery, the "friendly alien", or in the old galleries. On the subject of architecture, it is primarily the younger generation that has put itself on the international stage and has chosen a new language. A reserved one!

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